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LG CU515 coming to AT&T

LG CU515 is revealed

LG CU515
LG CU515

LG sneakily showed off the LG CU515 last night to little fanfare, as the Venus and the Voyager took the limelight. It's a shame, because the LG CU515 is no slouch when it comes to features--not only is it packed with a 1.3-megapixel camera and a music player, it is also one of AT&T's new HSDPA phones. Clearly a successor to the LG CU500V, the LG CU515 is also compatible with AT&T's Video Share, letting customers share real-time streaming video with each other. The quad-band phone will also support AT&T's broadband offerings like AT&T Music and AT&T's Cellular Video. A bonus feature that we don't often see with AT&T is its Push-to-Talk functionality, and the ability to convert PTT calls to cellular calls. The LG CU515 is said to be available in November this year, though pricing is yet to be determined.