Lexmark printer joins elite ranks of not-so-secret organization

Lexmark printer design makes up for past grievances

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu
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Watch this: Lexmark X7675 Pro

Dear Lexmark,

We'd like to invite you and one of your printers to join our secret society: it's called Best 5, and although we don't have perverted initiations, secret handshakes, or kooky hats, you do get to feature your X7675 Professional on our list of the Best 5 printers.

We put the X7675 printer/scanner/copier/fax machine through a series of grueling tests to gauge its print speed, ease of use, and output quality, and we're impressed with the results. The front mounted control panel contains individual buttons that toggle commonly used preferences, and you can even plug your camera's memory cards into the media bay for direct printing.

The printer did tempt us to unleash the ceremonial paddle two times during our tests: first, the paper input tray can only hold up to 100 sheets of paper, while the competition offers similarly priced units that can support 250 pages. As long as you don't mind refilling paper every once in while, this is a minor irritation. Second, the tray that's supposed to catch paper as it rockets out of the printer is way too short; we actually stationed a pledge with a trashcan beneath the printer to catch the falling debris, but it's also a problem that is easily solved with five fingers and a little attention.

So congratulations, Lexmark--your X7675 Professional now joins the ranks of the most world renowned Top 5ers. Your inauguration will come at a time of our choosing--maybe tonight, maybe six months from now, but we recommend continuing to bring the heat--your membership depends on it!