Lewis Black gives middle finger to Google Glass and Xbox

Appearing on the "Daily Show," the famously mild-mannered comedian offers that the latest "space toys" really aren't useful to humanity. Except the robot who knows when you need a beer.

Chris Matyszczyk
A pain in the Glass? Badass Gaming/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technology can be frustrating, especially when it's designed to oust you from your sense of being.

Who better, then, to offer a jaded human's perspective than Lewis Black, a man who makes lemons seems remarkably sweet?

Appearing on "The Daily Show," Black looked through a glass darkly at what he called the latest "space toys." You know, things like Google Glass that excite space boys.

You might imagine that Black's observations are both predictable and curmudgeonly.

You might conceive that he isn't the wisest commentator when it comes to new technology.

However, as you watch him express his inner feelings, you realize that some of it is clearly fear-based.

He worries that he himself will be predictable and therefore, one suspects, will be subject to domination.

And then he discovers that there's a robot that just knows when you need a beer and pours you one.

Still, he muses further and considers just how far technology wishes to push its intelligence.

The mere idea that we might never die twists his mind into figures of hate.

"Who decided that this crappy generation is the one that deserves to live forever?" he gruffs.

Well, the crappy generation did, Lewis. It invented the technology.