Levi's comes out with 'Red Tag' phone

The limited edition is being sold on the French market.


It's hard enough to distinguish a new product in the ridiculously crowded mobile phone market, and even more so when it comes from an outsider--such as a clothing company. But rather than just make another phone whose only difference is a logo, Levi's is at least trying something different that capitalizes on one of the trademarks of its jeans: the red tab. No, it's not a cloth tag sticking out of the keypad, but a red section of the limited edition "Red Tab" phone being sold by French retailer Colette for 550 euros (about $870).

Other than that, plus a few accessories and the option for custom engraving, it's the same handset that's been on the European market for a few months, with an MP3 player and 2-megapixel flash camera, according to Luxurylaunches. For that price, they should throw in a matching pair of denims.