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LeVar Burton uses powers for evil in new 'Reading Rainbow' intro

The actor teamed up with Funny or Die to create this alternative intro for "Reading Rainbow," where the power of reading gives Burton real superpowers.

This butterfly's about to get zapped. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Fresh off a massively successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the world of "Reading Rainbow" to the worldwide Web, actor LeVar Burton has teamed up with Funny or Die to create a creepy new intro for the show.

In the intro, after trying to reach out and touch a butterfly, Burton quickly discovers that his lifetime of reading has given him dangerous superpowers he can use to destroy everything around him. It's up to Burton to save the kids from achieving this same fate. All he has to do is use his powers to destroy all of the books in the local library to stop the kids from reading those evil power-granting books.

We probably won't see this alternate intro gracing the Reading Rainbow project page anytime soon, but it's still a fun watch nonetheless.

(Via Gawker)