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Letterman pokes fun at Gray Powell, iPhone 4G

Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who lost a prototype iPhone, is the roast of the town, becoming the subject of the late-night TV host's top 10 list.

This is how far the saga of the iPhone 4G has spread into popular culture: David Letterman took time to poke fun at Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who last month lost what could be a prototype iPhone 4G while drinking in a bar.

The phone that Powell misplaced was found at the bar that the 27-year-old had visited to celebrate his birthday. It was picked up by someone who has yet to be identified, and that person sold it to Gizmodo, a gadget blog, for $5,000. Powell's story has been covered extensively by many of the major TV networks, newspapers, and online news sites.

"This comes under the category for me of 'Who cares?'" Letterman said during the taping of his show on Wednesday evening. "This guy, I hope he doesn't lose his job but does this affect my life? Well no it doesn't affect my life at all...It's just an idiot, he's drunk and he drops the thing..."

All of that didn't prevent the host of "Late Show with David Letterman," which appears on CBS (the parent company of CNET), from poking fun at Powell's situation. He read off a top 10 list of "Excuses for the guy who lost the iPhone prototype."

Some of the list was funny--for instance, No. 10 -- "Couldn't call Apple for help because I lost my iPhone" --and No. 6 -- "Thought there was an app that would whisk it back to my house."

As to the question of whether Powell might be fired for his error, his father, Robert Powell, told CNET on Wednesday that he thinks his son will be ok.