Let's build a statue of Steve Jobs bigger than Statue of Liberty!

An Indiegogo campaign arises, its goal to build a statue of Apple's co-founder somewhere in the Bay Area. But who's behind it?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
A detail from the Indiegogo spiel. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you don't have a statue built in your honor, then who are you?

Forgotten, that's who.

Many, therefore, will rejoice at the idea that a campaign has been launched to crowdsource a statue of Steve Jobs.

The "Let's Build A Statue of Steve Jobs!" campaign has emerged on Indiegogo. Its goal is to raise a mere $50,000 in order to build a monument to tech's greatest star.

I fancy that $50,000 doesn't seem that much for a statue, one that surely ought to have a certain magical and revolutionary air about it.

After all, statues of the truly memorable, such as Lincoln or Saddam Hussein, were rather majestic affairs that must have cost an ugly million or two (dollar equivalent, of course).

However, the people behind the campaign claim that they have already identified "world-class sculptors" who are prepared to take this task on at this sort of cost.

In their Declaration of Indiegogoness, the sponsors of this project declare: "We are the bearers of his legacy. This statue will act as a reminder for the preservation of a memory worth remembering."

Though you are, no doubt, a legacy-bearer, you are also venal. So you will wonder what you get for your contribution.

There are many rewards. For $35, for example, you will get a Steve Jobs bumper sticker; $50 will get you a Steve Jobs T-shirt; $200 will get you a black turtleneck.

Should you have $999 handy, your name will be immortalized on the statue's plaque.

The people behind this project say they prefer to be behind the scenes. However, The Next Web reports that Alex Kennedy, a former intern at Balanced and the co-founder of a secretive startup, is the person driving it.

The plan is for this statue to stand proudly somewhere in the Bay Area. Perhaps San Francisco's Union Square would be a fine choice. Yes, just opposite the new Apple store.

Then again, with San Francisco's legendary keenness on talking about things till they drop, the permissions might take several lifetimes.

Should it finally reach the completion stage, this statue would not be the first of Jobs. This is in Budapest and is a rather modest 7-feet-tall affair in a technology park.

This Indiegogo campaign admits that $50,000 will merely build a life-size model.

However, the creators say: "If the campaign raises enough capital -- more than what we could conservatively hope to raise -- we'll aim for Statue of Liberty and Colossus of Rhodes proportions."

Yes, there was a smiley face after that statement, but why not?

I can imagine a huge Steve Jobs statue, just to the left of Alcatraz, with large boats floating around it as people take pictures with their iPhones.

It would be one more thing for San Francisco's tourists to enjoy.

People, let's think big. This is a chance for the tech community to leave a lasting imprint that is bigger than an iPhone. You have another 60 days to consider this statue's fate.

Currently, contributions total $108.