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Let Navy SEAL gear improve your golf game

Laser range finders

The gnomes in the itty-bitty Swiss hamlet of Ibach have come up with yet another Swiss Army essential, the GolfTool. It features 10 tools, including a tee puncher ("for the frozen ground"), a groove cleaner and the perennial toothpick and tweezers. Of special interest is the accompanying range finder;good for up to 1000 meters.

Of course the Crave crew won't settle for that. So we asked ourselves, what would a US Navy SEAL use? Well, that would be the PLRF15C Pocket Laser Range Finder, also by Vectronix. This model, while lacking a toothpick and tweezers, will blow your golfing buddies away with its sheer tactical appeal.

Weighing in at 620 grams, roughly the same as a medium can of tuna, it fits nicely into your average golf bag. Stride to the tee, lift the range finder to your eye, focus on the flag and presto, the eye-safe laser gives you the exact distance at any range from 5 meters to 3.5 kilometers out. The 15C version offers a digital compass, azimuth and elevation functions and includes a data port for your computer. You can try recording your hole-in-one for later viewing. Play any course in the world using the optional GPS receiver hook-up.

In the rough? No problem. It's designed for harsh environments, "from steamy jungles to icy mountains" as well as "the clutter of the urban terrain." The waterproof, 3 volt lithium battery is good for at least 5000 measurements, according to the manufacturer.

The U.S. Navy has ordered 1,420 PLRFs for its elite SEAL teams, so what are you waiting for? They're going for only about $7,000 a pop.