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Lenovo's new Tablet PC conquers screen glare

The new ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC has a 12-inch antiglare screen that automatically rotates.

Expectations for the Tablet PC have fallen a bit in recent years, after the breathless predictions of the Tablet PC revolution from a few years ago. Only about 1 million tablets will be sold this year, out of more than 200 million overall PC sales.


Still, PC companies continue to offer doodlers and creative types a way to digitally capture their scribblings. Lenovo's got a new ThinkPad Tablet PC, the X60, that comes with a new display technology that is supposed to be easier to see under the glare from the sun.

The 12-inch screen also comes with what Lenovo is calling Active Rotate technology. Basically, this means the screen moves on its own when you switch the X60 from tablet PC mode to laptop mode.

Check out CNET's review here. Lenovo wants at least $1,799 for the X60. At that price, it comes with a Core Duo processor, 1GB of memory, fingerprint reader and a 80GB hard drive. Larger hard drives and batteries are also available. Preorders can be placed right away, but the X60 won't start shipping until December.