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Lenovo's lame product video

The YouTube video created to generate buzz for its dual-screen W700ds workstation is embarrassingly silly.

A colleague sent me this video Lenovo made and published to its official blog. My jaw dropped. Not because the content is particularly shocking or offensive, but because of how incredibly misplaced and lame it is as a Lenovo ad.

If anything, it makes clear one thing: Lenovo's talents lie in selling huge volumes of ThinkPads to business customers, and notably not in making smart, hip Internet video.

In the video, a guy recounts to his male co-worker a late-night work session with their female colleague the night before. While he and the girl are working, he starts describing the features of the new W700ds workstation from Lenovo. As he does this, she inexplicably begins removing various items of clothing until, it is suggested but not shown entirely, she is completely undressed.

Needless to say, the video is probably not safe for work for the average corporate office. But besides that, it's just odd. Does this video really find its home in the demographic that will buy this monstrous, expensive workstation? It's hard to imagine.

What's worse, this product is entirely remarkable on its own merits, and requires no suggestive videos to be noticed: It's a laptop with two screens. People will take notice without some silly video that makes the company appear as if it is trying way too hard.