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Lenovo takes wraps off IdeaCentre consumer desktop

Announced with very few details at CES in January, the PC maker finally unveils its first consumer desktop for non-Chinese markets.

Lenovo IdeaCentre desktop
Lenovo's new consumer desktop, the IdeaCentre. Lenovo

Lenovo's never had a consumer desktop for the U.S. before, and you can tell by the spelling choice of the product name--IdeaCentre--that the U.S. isn't the primary market for this PC. (The company has made consumer desktops for its home market in China for several years, however.)

Nevertheless, the Chinese company is finally making good on its promise back in early January of delivering the consumer desktop PC. It was initially announced along with its much more compelling notebook cousin, the IdeaPad line, at the Consumer Electronics Show, but the company was light on details.

So here they are:

*The IdeaCentre K210 will have Intel Core2Quad processors and Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics

*500GB hard drive

*3GB memory standard, up to 4GB available

*Windows Vista Home Premium

*A combination Blu-ray/HD DVD drive

*5.1-channel audio

*16-in-1 media card reader

*Lenovo's VeriFace technology, which is a facial-recognition system that enables users to employ their face as their computer password.

*And for the germophobes, an anti-bacterial keyboard.

The IdeaCentre K210 is available now on Lenovo.com and other direct retailers, and starts at $379 after rebate.