Lenovo narrows horizons with Blue Sky

The Chinese PC maker releases a smaller form factor desktop PC that it promises will suck less energy and take up less space.

Slimmed-down PCs are hot right now. But most of the innovation in tiny computers is taking place in the notebook and mobile-phone industries, not the stodgy enterprise desktop space.

Lenovo Blue Sky

No matter, Lenovo has announced that it will launch a tiny, 45-watt desktop computer the size of a phone book. It's called the ThinkCentre A61e, or "Blue Sky," and it will be primarily aimed at businesses and customers overseas--where they still buy desktops.

The company has bestowed the "Blue Sky" moniker to denote its green qualities. Lenovo says its power supply is 85 percent efficient, and the 45-watt AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core and Sempron processors will cut energy costs in half compared with its previous models.

It also weighs 8 pounds. The smaller form factor is meant to appeal to education, medical and financial industry customers. The price, however, will likely appeal to everyone: $399. It will be available on in October.