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Lenovo adds more Santa Rosa systems

Lenovo updates ThinkPads and the Lenovo 3000 line with the new Intel platform.

Lenovo 3000 V200
The Lenovo 3000 V200 is one of six Lenovo laptops to be updated with Santa Rosa.

Fast on the heels of the ThinkPad T61 and ThinkPad R61, Lenovo has announced six more laptops to make the switch to the new Centrino. First up, ultraportableThinkPads: The new X61 Tablet and X61s include low-voltage Core 2 Duo L7300 and L7500 processors, while the X61 runs on normal-voltage Core 2 Duo T7100 and up. All three new models are built on the Centrino Pro platform, which means an 800MHz front-side bus, integrated Intel X3100 graphics, and 802.11n Wi-Fi, plus Intel Turbo Memory (code-named Robson) and Intel's Active Management Technology for remote maintenance tasks.

Also new with this X series update: security features that include the option to disable all I/O ports (to prevent sensitive information being transferred to a thumbdrive, for example) and a new battery management program that lets users make microadjustments to squeeze as much time as possible out of the battery. Lenovo is claiming battery life up to 10 hours (X61 Tablet), 11 hours (X61), or 12 hours (X61s) with the optional extended battery. We've got an X61s in our Labs now, so we expect to know very soon whether the company's claims bear out. Starting price for the X61 Tablet is $1,779; the X61 is $1,484; and the X61s is $1,474.

Elsewhere in the ThinkPad line, Lenovo added a 15-inch wide-screen version of the Santa Rosa-based ThinkPad R61.

Also announced today are two Lenovo 3000 models: the 12.1-inch V200 (already available for ordering on Lenovo's site) and the 14.1-inch N200, both of which offer Core 2 Duo T7100 processors on the Centrino Duo platform (meaning no Active Management Technology). The V200's price starts at $1,199, while the N200 starts at $949--not bad for the latest Intel components.

With the exception of the V200, which is listed on Lenovo's site as shipping within 1-2 weeks, all of these laptops will be available in June.