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Lego Space flight jacket makes you look like a toy astronaut

Evil Mad Scientist takes on a DIY classic Lego Space flight jacket to commemorate years of service in the fictional astronaut corps.

Lego Space jacket
Welcome back to Earth, Lego astronaut.
Evil Mad Scientist

When I was a kid, Lego Space kits were some of the best, because they had astronaut minifigs and colored translucent pieces. Double win. Those tiny explorers usually had the classic Lego Space logo emblazoned on their chests, a red arrow zipping across a gold planet.

Evil Mad Scientist, a small company that offers hardware for maker projects, has created the ultimate Lego Space fashion statement for adults who wish to honor all that time spent tinkering with Lego Space creations. The jacket is a classic leather flight jacket, a la "Top Gun." Other necessary materials include leather paints and a deglazer to strip off the shiny top of the leather and make it suitable for painting.

The logo itself dates back to the late 1970s, but has gone out of style for current Lego sets. Laser-cut card-stock templates were used to get the design just right.

The first step is removing the shiny surface where the logo goes. After that, it's about painting base layers and then adding the color layers to get the correct look. A final top coat protects the logo, which is necessary because you'll be wearing this jacket non-stop, even when it's 100 degrees outside.

The Lego Space jacket is a clever creation on many levels. It will jog the memory of Lego fans from the time period it winks and nods at, but it's also a bold enough logo to make people wonder if you're actually involved in some sort of space-related endeavor. If they ask, just say, "Why, yes, I flew a Galaxy Explorer back in the day. I even built it myself."

Lego Space jacket in progress
The first step is removing the gloss from the leather. Evil Mad Scientist