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Lego rolls out '80s-tastic Ferrari F40 with removable 'V-8 engine'

The latest in the Lego Creator series is a classic Ferrari from the days of Jordache jeans, perms and Cyndi Lauper's debut.

Lego Ferrari F40
Soon you can tell everyone you own a Ferrari F40. Lego

The iconic Ferrari F40 sports car debuted in 1987 and promptly became a popular pinup image in the bedrooms of car-obsessed kids who couldn't get enough of the bright-red paint job and massive wing on the back.

Ferrari describes the car as "raw and mean," but it was road-legal. With only around 1,300 made, this was not a car for the masses.

You might not ever own a full-size F40, but you can at least have the Lego version. Lego announced Thursday that the next model in its Creator series is a 1,158-piece set that renders the Ferrari in chunky plastic bricks. It's stuffed with nifty features like miniature Ferrari logos and pop-up headlights.

The F40's styling was revolutionary at the time it came out. A triple exhaust and round taillights are memorable elements of its look, and these are delivered in the Lego model. The hood tilts forward to reveal a luggage compartment. The rear turbocharged V-8 engine is removable so you can admire the power it represents.

Lego worked with Ferrari to develop an accurate model. This required inventing some new Lego parts, like a custom windshield and wheel rim inserts. The model should have crossover appeal for both Lego and supercar fanatics.

The Lego Ferrari will debut on August 1 for $89.99 in the US and £69.99 (about AU$142) in the UK.

(Via Brothers Brick)