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Lego launches massive NASA Saturn V Apollo rocket set

Take your love of plastic bricks all the way to the moon with a towering Saturn V rocket complete with lunar lander and tiny astronauts.

Lego blasts off with a roughly 1:110-scale Saturn V.

NASA's Saturn V rocket is an iconic piece of space history. It powered multiple Apollo missions into space, including the famed Apollo 11 moon landing. You can't fit a real Saturn V in your living room, but you will soon be able to build a huge, displayable Lego version.

When built, the finished rocket model stands over 3 feet tall (1 meter). You can put it all together, or break it out into three rocket-stage sections. It also comes with a lunar orbiter and lunar lander in case you want to take the included astronaut microfigures to a Lego moon.

Though the towering finished product is impressive all on its own, Lego also managed to pull off the nifty feat of making the set consist of 1,969 pieces to correspond with the year 1969 when the first humans stepped on the moon.

The elaborate set required a year of development and is based on a design submitted by Lego enthusiasts Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche to the Lego Ideas site for fan-made projects. Lego notes the Saturn V is the tallest Lego Ideas set yet.

The Saturn V will go on sale in June for $119.99, or £109.99 in the UK. The set will also be available in Australia, but there's no word on a price or availability yet. It would be a great companion piece to the upcoming Women of NASA set.

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