Lego makes you cry, makes you buy

Lego finds a persuasive and emotional way to get you to buy it for a Christmas gift. It presents a father and son who build everything together.

Chris Matyszczyk
The crown is on dad's head. Lego/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I've been getting a bit soft lately.

I don't know whether it's Google's fault or merely life's.

So along comes Lego with an attempt to make you buy, well, Lego this holiday season, and I find myself oddly moved.

Here we have a father and son who are bonded by the fact that they build things together.

Yes, they have their differences. But, when it comes down to it, their ambitions know no bounds, just as their relationship is, in the kid's words: "bound by blood."

This is an especially clever son and dad. Their projects are expansive, their sense of color sometimes imperfect.

They build bridges, penguins, and soaring towers.

It's not currently known whether Google has hired them to build secret edifices on barges.

Some, of course, will be hoping that there's a mom and daughter version of this ad. Why should building be the exclusive preserve of boys?

However, if you're not touched just a little by this, you have a heart of clay and insufficiently regular appointments with your psychologist.