Lego makes Japan its next Legoland destination

If there's no Lego Godzilla stomping Lego City I will be sorely disappointed.

Lego, the brick system beloved of the young and young at heart everywhere, is getting set to open its eighth Legoland amusement park in Japan, blending the iconic plastic bricks with the outstanding architecture of the land of the rising sun.

When the park opens on April 1 (seriously, it's for real), Legoland Japan joins two other parks in the US and one each in Denmark, England, Germany, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. Like any good theme park, you'll find seven different zones, like the divided worlds found in "The Lego Movie". These places include Bricktopia, Knights Kingdom, Pirate Shores and the all important Miniland, its expert recreations of towns and landmarks expected to be one of the major draws for the park.

Images are currently hard to come by until doors officially open, but the Asahi Shimbun provides an interesting look at what to expect from the scaled down replicas.With Japan's notable architecture, Legoland has recreated such iconic structures as Tokyo Station, Tokyo Tower, Nagoya Castle and more. A cool 10,496,352 bricks went into the recreation of the many Japanese landmarks.

And if you've spent your life training your children not to put Lego bricks anywhere near their mouths, you might want to avoid the french fries on offer in the form of Lego bricks at the Oasis Snacks stand.

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