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Lego-inspired shot glasses let you build and imbibe

ThinkGeek's Build-on Brick shot glasses are more than just a vessel for drinks; they're vessels for creativity.

Cheers to building bricks! ThinkGeek

Lego bricks are perhaps best known as children's toys. But growing up doesn't have to mean giving them up. Advancing age even has some perks, like dropping $20 on a set of ThinkGeek's Build-on Brick shot glasses, an adult take on what you can do with clickable building bricks.

The shot glasses are not an official Lego product, but they just happen to be compatible should you have some Lego bricks kicking around. That means you could get creative and turn your shot glasses into rolling vehicles or integrate them with your Lego "Star Wars" set and create a whole new kind of drinking game for watching the films.

Each set contains four glasses made from plastic in bright white, red, blue, and yellow colors. Besides standard Lego bricks, you can also use them with PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, Kre-O, or K'Nex toys. Once again, there's no official endorsement from any of those companies.

As with any plastic building-brick product, it is recommended to watch your step or else wear shoes with sturdy soles. Nothing puts a damper on a party like the screams of merrymakers who have accidentally stepped on plastic implements of pain. So go ahead, build with abandon, imbibe with moderation, and revel in the perks of having reached adulthood without losing your love of crafting creations from interlocking plastic pieces.

Lego shot glass with wheels
Turn your shot glass into a rolling three-wheeler. ThinkGeek