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Lego hand mixer: You bet it blends

With the Hippmikser 2000, you can churn up a bowl of eggs or pancake mix. Then take it apart and turn it into something else.

Marcin Danielak's kitchen-ready mixer is powered by a Lego train set battery box.

Sooner or later, every object in existence, including you and me, will be re-created out of Legos.

Fans of the bricks have limitless passion. But beyond creating cool dioramas, Lego modelers truly impress when they make functional tools.

Case in point: the Hippmikser 2000 by Flickr user Hippotam, whose real name is Marcin Danielak.

It looks like a hand mixer and works like one. Just insert the Lego beaters, press the button, and churn away. Check out the vid below.

The mixer is made from regular Lego pieces from sets, and has two Lego Technic Medium motors as well as a gear system. The power comes from a Lego train set battery box.

"I built the mixer for our local club contest as one of the biweekly challenges," Danielak, who lives in Krakow, Poland, told CNET. "This challenge was to build a simple mechanism, and I wanted to top other contestants by creating not only a Lego version of some object, but actually make it work like the real one.

"Because of the relatively low torque of the motors used, you can mix eggs or ingredients for pancakes but nothing more dense. It is possible to use more powerful motors though. Maybe a CNET reader will try that."

"It took only few evenings to design and build," Danielak added. "I usually build castles or houses not machinery, so most of the time I spend on figuring out how to pack the motors and gears into a relatively small space."

Anyone have a Lego food processor yet?

(Via The Brothers Brick)