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Lego, make this monster-ful Dungeon Master set real

A delightful fan-designed set goes up for official review from Lego after attracting a legion of followers.

Welcome to the dungeon.

You're a Lego minifig warrior. With your shield and sword at the ready, you step into a dark stone room and come face to face with a glowing spider and goblin. What will you do, brave adventurer?

The Dungeon Master Lego kit concept from fan and builder Ymarilego aims to unite the realm of role-playing games with the world of Lego.

The Dungeon Master set plays with a lot of familiar Dungeons & Dragons role-playing themes, but is not officially aligned with that gaming franchise. The concept includes a variety of heroes (a warrior, an archer and a mage), a host of monsters (skeletons, goblins and witches) and an endlessly expandable realm of dungeon rooms and lairs.

The project launched Jan. 22 on the Lego Ideas website for fan-generated Lego kit ideas. It attracted 10,000 supporters, which qualifies it for an official review from Lego.

"What just happened?! We're pinching ourselves to make sure it wasn't a dream, as your project spread like wild fire over the weekend seemingly backed up by all of the internet," Lego wrote in an official comment Wednesday.

The Dungeon Master idea looks like a lot of fun. It would offer an entertaining and easy way to build realms that can be explored and adapted for game scenarios. Ymarilego rendered concepts for a room with a molten floor, a space with trees and castle ruins and a crypt populated with skeleton figures.

We've seen some popular Lego Ideas projects go from concept to reality through a combination of avid supporters, market viability and Lego's development work. One of the better-known projects is a collection of female-scientist minifigures, which went up for sale in 2014 and has since been retired.

Lego will review Dungeon Master in May along with other qualified projects. It could take several months from that point to hear whether Lego intends to produce the set for sale to the public. In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy the concept images and dream of a Lego realm full of dark, creepy dungeons and warriors battling crypt guardians.

The crypt guardian watches over this realm.


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