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Lego bow ties are cool: Best 'Doctor Who' Cuusoo projects

Lego's fan project site Cuusoo opened its doors to "Doctor Who" and the entries poured in like a Dalek invasion. Check out the best of the best.

This "Doctor Who" Lego set is currently under review. GlenBricker/Lego

Lego recently opened itself up to all of space and time by accepting fan-made on the Cuusoo site, which gives Lego builders a chance at seeing their concepts created.

Entries that receive 10,000 votes will be considered for production. Brick-building Whovians are flooding the site with fun concepts ranging from Daleks to complete sets of all the Doctors rendered in minifig form.

One of the most entertaining aspects of these projects is seeing how the builders handle the various Doctors' hair styles. David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Tom Baker present the greatest challenges. Daleks, with their tricky mixture of angles and curves, are another difficult design to render in Lego bricks.

Lego will surely want to produce a Tardis, as well. A couple of different projects have focused on building a design that unfolds to show the console room as the interior. The physics-defying time machine is larger on the inside, so a design that opens up makes sense.

One "Doctor Who" project has already reached the 10,000-supporter goal. The joint effort between users GlenBricker and Kaminoan includes a Tardis, Tardis console room, and plenty of minifigs representing different incarnations of the Doctor and his companions. The Tardis is even designed to have swappable exterior tiles with "Bad Wolf" graffiti. The set is now under review by Lego.

We've combed through all the Cuusoo entries and pulled out some of the best and most interesting takes on creating the "Doctor Who" universe with little plastic bricks. And yes, we have weeping angels, too.