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Lego coffee table looks like a giant building brick on steroids

Express your Lego love in the living room and kick your feet up on a giant brick of furniture.

Lego coffee table
Kick back with a brick table. Branching Outward

Your living room is your sanctuary. It may also be your personal gaming paradise, in which case you might want a Sony PlayStation controller coffee table. It may be where you (or your kids) play with a massive pile of Lego bricks, in which case you might want a coffee table that looks like a giant Lego piece.

The Lego-inspired coffee table comes from Etsy shop Branching Outward. The $375 table is crafted to order using wood, epoxy and a high-gloss resin finish to approximate the look of the original plastic bricks. A wide choice of colors means you can get one to match your favorite Lego piece.

It takes a couple of weeks to make the table, and shipping adds another $85 onto the price. It weighs a substantial 48 pounds and measures 28.5 inches long. You can provide your own glass top if you wish. Otherwise you'll need to navigate around the larger-than-life studs on top.

It appears the coffee table is meant as a standalone piece of furniture. This means you won't be able to build a massive Lego fortress in your living room by ordering 40 of them. They don't stick together like real Lego bricks.

Still, it's the look that counts here, along with the opportunity to sit back on your couch and kick your feet up on top of a giant Lego brick.

Lego coffee table
You could fill in those spaces with actual Lego bricks. Branching Outward

(Via This is Why I'm Broke)