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Lego Bill Murray prayers answered: 'Ghostbusters' set coming

When you want little plastic "Ghostbusters" minifigs, who you gonna call? Lego, that's who.

Lego Ecto-1
This is the fan-made version of the Ecto-1.
Brent Waller

Rejoice, all you children of the '80s, all you Bill Murray fans, all you who have sewn deep into the night to create a "Ghostbusters" jumpsuit costume. The bigwigs at Lego are smiling down on you, and giving you an offering in the form of greenlighting a fan-designed "Ghostbusters" set.

Lego tinkerer Brent Waller put together a model for a "Ghostbusters" set in honor of the film's 30th anniversary this year. He built minifigs, the Ectomobile, and the ghost hunters' headquarters building. He really nailed Bill Murray's hairline for the minifig. The project went up for vote on Lego's fan site CUUSOO, where it gained 10,000 supporters, enough to get Lego to look at making it official, which it did.

The 30th anniversary set had some serious competition from other fan projects, including a set of female scientist minifigs and a rival "Ghostbusters" creation. The building won't be included in the final set, but at least the minifigs and Ecto-1 car are slated for production. Lego is still contemplating whether to make the female minifig set. Those smart science women would make a good foil for the goofy "Ghostbusters" guys.

While the set should appeal to "Ghostbusters" fans, it could also be tempting for anyone who wants to reenact Lego versions of scenes from other Bill Murray movies. Indeed, it could open up the Lego floodgates for the entire Wes Anderson directorial canon, though you'll have to make your own Jason Schwartzman minifig.

Lego will make some tweaks to the design before sharing details on the final look and setting a release date, but it is expected to hit shelves later this year. One nice thing about the Lego set is that the ghostly ectoplasmic slime should be pretty easy to wash off. Stay Puft, my friends.

Lego Ghostbusters
These are Brent Waller's fan-made minifigs. Brent Waller