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Impressive Lego BB-8 makes a round droid out of square bricks

The DIY Lego Star Wars galaxy just expanded with a set of handy instructions for building your own BB-8 out of tiny pieces of plastic.

Lego BB-8
You don't have to look for a droid when you can just build your own out of Lego.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Most classic Lego pieces are some variation on a square or rectangle. Now let's contemplate BB-8, the rolling droid and breakout star from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." BB-8 is round. That contradiction, however, didn't stop builder and Reddit user hendrikdejager from crafting a Lego BB-8.

Hendrikdejager's creation is a minor feat of Lego engineering. He shared a photo of the finished build on Reddit, and then published a how-to video on Tuesday for the entertainment of Star Wars and Lego fans alike.

At over 12 minutes long, the video is pretty epic, but it also goes into great detail. You'll be able to follow along easily if you happen to have all the parts handy. The BB-8 uses smooth-faced pieces to mimic the surface of the fictional droid.

Some of the Lego BB-8's roundness is achieved through the liberal use of "cheese slopes," angled pieces that resemble wedges of cheese. The finished project can stand up on its own with the head perched on top.

Lego does have some official BB-8 figures, but they are tiny and sized in relation to human minifigs. These minifig BB-8s are included with special Star Wars sets like Poe's X-Wing Fighter and the Millennium Falcon tie-in for "The Force Awakens." Hendrikdejager's version has the advantage of being much larger.

This isn't the Lego community's first shot at a DIY BB-8. Reddit user dansto67 shared his version in late December with an instructional video showing how the pieces come together. The finished bodies look quite a bit different, but each one should be a fun build for fans who want to expand their Lego Star Wars universe.