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You can now watch that bizarre 'Legion' ending online

Ready, set, speculate! Watch and rewatch the confusing end credits of Marvel's "Legion" season one finale for clues to what it all means.


Marvel's unusual acid trip of a show, "Legion," concluded its first season on FX last week, and fans can now dissect that last bit of footage shown.

Showrunner Noah Hawley threw in a head-scratching post-credits scene, and FX posted it online Monday for fans to watch over and over and over.

In the season finale, main character and most powerful mutant David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) finally breaks free from the parasite mutant inside him called the Shadow King (often played by Aubrey Plaza). But if we know anything from Marvel's mutant history it's that many heroes' victories are short lived.

In the scene, we see David celebrating his newfound freedom from the parasite while gazing up at the evening stars with his love interest Syd Barrett (a nod to Pink Floyd's founding member), played by Rachel Keller. Then, out of nowhere, David's body is scanned, teleported and captured by some kind of flying object that looks more like a Star Wars droid than something from an X-Men movie.

This bizarre ending left fans (including me) wondering what the heck just happened to arguably one of the most powerful and mentally confused mutants in Marvel comic book history.

Where did David go? Who's operating that floating droid that captured him? Was it from Division 3 -- a government unit focused on capturing and studying mutants? Or is there a new enemy on the horizon?

Luckily, we'll get some answers now that FX has granted "Legion" a second season, but until then, speculate in the comments below.

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