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LED drumsticks illuminate your 'Rock Band' studliness

The body of the illuminated sticks light up in red or blue when the player strikes them on any surface.

LED drumsticks
The Ant Commandos

If you think you felt cool playing Rush on Rock Band before, try pounding out "Tom Sawyer" with The Ant Commandos' new illuminated drumsticks.

The body lights up in red or blue when you strike the sticks on any surface, providing a dramatic light show for the throngs attending the display in your bedroom or basement.

The LED-illuminated drumsticks have a comfortable and secure grip so you won't cause accidental harm when your drumming reaches a frenzy (you wouldn't want to take someone's eye out, now, would you?). A silicon-coated tip helps reduce the thumping noise, a feature your family/friends/roommates are sure to appreciate.

The drumsticks come with two standard AAA batteries, and The Ant Commandos says each battery set will last months under normal playing conditions (we're not sure how normal is being defined here, though). The sticks, which come two per package, are available at a suggested retail price of $19.99, not including heavy-metal T-shirt.