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LeBron James lip-syncs in Samsung ad for virtual reality

Technically Incorrect: The Gear VR is a new Samsung hope. The great basketball star is here to sing its praises.

LeBron still needs some work on his lip-sync skills.
Samsung/Screenshot by CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

LeBron James's personal reality is that he's the best basketball player in the world.

However, after a crushing defeat in last season's NBA finals, some might say that his reality is a touch virtual. (Disclosure: This is written by a Golden State Warriors fan.)

Christmas Day saw his Cleveland Cavaliers again being defeated by the Warriors. It also saw the release of a Samsung ad in which James lets you into his virtual reality.

The ad is for Samsung's Gear VR. In November, Samsung launched this nifty virtual-reality headset with a clever ad that makes it look invitingly simple to use.

Now here is longtime Samsung spokesperson (when he's not handing out Apple Watches to his teammates) James bringing you closer to the Gear VR, which was developed with Facebook's Oculus operation.

It's a product that could prove a winning distraction, especially when you're not winning elsewhere in life. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has faith that soon enough, VR will become an everyday reality, with millions of headsets sold to folks like you and me. Google even has a low-budget cardboard gewgaw you can get started with.

This ad, though, is all about James's striving for greatness. Which seems to include lip-syncing to a Public Enemy song, but not doing it as perfectly as some of the other actors in the ad.

Perhaps this is to underline that James still has room for improvement.

The full experience, around 12 minutes long, is available for download at the Oculus store and via Samsung's VR app.

The whole idea is that you can watch LeBron go to work on your Samsung Galaxy. I wish him (mostly) the best with that.