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LeapFrog's FLY Fusion is pretty fly

LeapFrog's next-generation pentop computer is sleeker and offers better features than the original.

LeapFrog's FLY Fusion comes with 64MB of built-in memory and is expandable to 128MB.

LeapFrog's original FLY pentop computer garnered some attention when it was announced in late 2005, but truth be told, we kind of forgot about it after it came out. Well, the company has a new FLY--the FLY Fusion ($80)--and, as you might expect from a second-generation product, it's sleeker and has more features.

While the product isn't due to ship until early August, it can already be pre-ordered at Amazon. Here are the highlights, according to the site:

  • With the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer, everything you write on FLY Paper is automatically scanned and digitized.
  • With the tap of your FLY Fusion pentop computer, you can interact with your notes, get instant feedback and step-by-step help, even play MP3s and games, all on paper!
  • FLY Fusion Pentop Computer includes: rechargeable battery, memory expansion slot, FLY Fusion installation CD, FLY Notebook, FLY World Application, 13 FLY Fusion Games, and USB Cable.
  • Recommended age range fifth to ninth grades.

I saw a quick demo today of the Fusion (not to be confused with the Gillette Fusion razor) and was impressed enough to request a review sample (it should arrive soon). Truth is, I wasn't much a note-taker in school, and this thing made me wish I could go back and do it all over again. With this kind of technology at my disposal, I would have been a note-taking machine. Or at least I could have saved some of my better doodles.