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Leaner, less power-hungry PS3 debuts in Japan

Sony lifts the curtain on a hardware revision of the PS3 "slim" with several improvements.

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SCEI Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today revealed a lighter, more power-efficient PlayStation 3 set for release later this month. The updated 320GB PS3 console, CECH-3000B (34,980 yen, $436), features several improvements over its predecessor CECH-2500B.

Sony has tweaked the refreshed version of the PS3 to be a little more "green;" power consumption is now rated at 200W, which is a 30W reduction from the previous model. For reference, previous configurations of the PS3 slim used up to 80W at peak load and 67W when idle.

Nearly a pound has been shed in this hardware revision, as the CECH-3000B is 5.7 pounds compared to the 6.6 pound CECH-2500B. Some minor visual changes have also been made to the power and eject buttons, according to Joystiq. All of the standard included accessories remain the same in this new package, which includes a Dualshock 3 controller, USB cable, AV cable, and power cord. Height, width, and depth are unchanged.

Sony has also implemented AACS copyright protection in the CECH-3000B, which is an industry standard for all Blu-ray players sold on the market from 2011 onward. This means this new PS3 will only output 480i, rather than 1080i, over component connections while playing Blu-ray content. This is a non-issue for most people who use HDMI, but severely disappointing for those still using analog connections. Read more about AACS rules here.

There was also an announcement of a 35,980 yen 320GB PS3 DVR package, which includes the new console and a Torne DVR module (only available in Japan).