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Leaked: New Sony laptops

Information about several new models of Sony Vaio laptops has been leaked onto the Web.

Sony Vaio FZ series
Sony Vaio FZ

As Lenovo can attest, it's tough to keep a secret in the Internet age. Today Sony joined the club of PC makers with leaked product plans, as forum posters at NotebookReview uncovered details of new Vaio laptops buried deep on Sony's European site.

The new models, reportedly due in July, will include the 11.1-inch ultraportable TZ11 (a follow-up to the existing TX series), the 13.3-inch SZ5, and two new models in the 15.4-inch FZ series. In addition to refreshing the systems with Intel's new Santa Rosa chipset and X3100 graphics, Sony will also be giving the laptops a more subdued design, as shown on the FZ here. According to one forum poster, the TZ series will see more than a component refresh, with a completely new chassis design that incorporates a built-in Webcam and a redesigned keyboard. The latter revision will be particularly welcome, as keyboard comfort has long been one of our key complaints (pun intended) with tiny ultraportables.

Also in the rumor mill for a July release are the 13.3-inch CZ and the 14.1-inch CR series notebooks, though no more information on these models is available.