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Leaked accessory hints WebOS tablet is near

An internal document showing a Bluetooth keyboard for HP's upcoming tablet hits the Web. The same report also says a new version of the Pre aimed at teens is on the way.

HP's WebOS tablet is due sometime early next year.
HP's WebOS tablet is due sometime early next year. HP

The pieces seem to be falling into place for HP's first WebOS-based tablet.

Executives have confirmed several times that there will be a touch-screen tablet featuring Palm's mobile operating system released sometime between January and March, though little else is known about it. HP has trademarked "PalmPad" and an exec has even publicly referred to an upcoming tablet as such, but it's not clear that will be the product's actual name once it starts shipping to customers.

Today Engadget got its hands on an internal HP slide that shows not a tablet, but what is purported to be the Bluetooth keyboard accessory for the WebOS tablet.

On its own, sure, it's not that exciting, but whomever sent the slide along also said that the design and styling of the keyboard are reflective of the look and feel of the tablet. Word is that the tablet will have "no hard buttons" on the front, and it is referred to internally as "Topaz."

Another piece of WebOS info was also included: HP is apparently planning something "like a Pre" with no physical keyboard aimed at teenagers for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Phones with virtual keyboards, as we know, do pretty fantastic sales. But HP should probably talk to their friends at Microsoft about the perils of selling phones aimed at teens.