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Leak shows Moto X, HTC One hitting Verizon next month

Big Red finally appears to be adding some more big-time phones to its roster, according to a leaked release schedule.

The Moto X and HTC One are both set to land on Verizon in August, according to a leaked internal document. Motorola

We know the Moto X is real, and now it appears the phone will really be coming to America's largest carrier in time for back to school, give or take a few weeks.

What appears to be Verizon's launch schedule for the next several weeks has leaked, and it shows the Moto X set to "go to market" on August 23.

Also coming soon is another Android superphone that Verizon subscribers have been waiting to get their hands on for months -- the HTC One, which is shown as arriving on August 1.

There's a few key things that the Verizon road map, which was sent anonymously to Phone Arena, doesn't tell us. We still don't know when the Moto X might launch on other carriers, or if it will be available unlocked a la the Nexus 4. Also, given Verizon's recent track record and the fact that we're still talking about when the HTC One will come to the carrier, there's plenty of reason to believe we could be seeing the Moto X even sooner elsewhere.

I also can't vouch for the authenticity of the list or guarantee that Verizon won't change it in the coming weeks. Plenty of times I've been sent similar screen grabs, only to see it change a week later. After all, launch dates are malleable until announced to the public, and even then there can be delays.

That said, the list seems legit at a glance, and if it is, it's nice to see Verizon bolstering its stable of Android flagships.

Dubiously missing, however, is any mention of a new Google Nexus tablet. I've been hearing rumblings about the successor to the Nexus 7coming to retailers in the next few weeks, and some recent FCC filings indicated that it might be carrying an LTE-capable radio that could connect to Verizon's 4G network.

For now though, that's still a unicorn yet to be spotted in the wild. The Moto X and Verizon HTC One are real, we're just waiting for our first sightings of them on Verizon.