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Leak points to Android Key Lime Pie debut this spring

Some alleged, and quickly disappearing, Qualcomm roadmap slides mention a second-quarter release for the next flavor of Google's mobile OS.

The next flavor of Android could be served up in just a few short months.

More delicious Android desserts could be just around the corner, according to some allegedly leaked Qualcomm roadmap slides that mention a springtime arrival for the Android "K-release" or "Key Lime Pie" a few times.

Qualcomm officials have apparently been racing around the Internet demanding that a handful of tech blogs take them down due to copyright issues and thereby suggesting that they're actually legit. (As I write, you can still view them here on Phone Arena via Android Police.)

If Android 5.0 does pop up in a delicious sweet and sour flavor between March and June, the smart money is on a Google I/O debut, which is the event at which Android Jelly Bean was introduced last year.

In fact, if all the rumors come together to the form the perfect caipirinha of Android announcements, perhaps we'll see the release of a Motorola "X phone" running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie with integrated Google Project Glass support. Heck, just two out of those three would be interesting enough.