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Lawyer offers popefrancis.com to pope

A Chicago lawyer bought the domain popefrancis.com on a whim in 2010. Now he's offering to put it on the pope's collection plate.

He will surely be grateful.
New York Times/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If the media is to believed, the new Pope Francis is an extremely modest man.

Eschewing the life of palaces in Argentina, he lived modestly and even cooked for himself.

Such frugality, reticence, and identification with the poor of the world isn't often associated with lawyers.

Yet one member of Chicago's legal faith is offering up an act of generosity akin to just chatting with Mary Magdalene.

Chris Connors, spurred merely by religious whimsy, bought popefrancis.com in 2010.

He told the Chicago Tribune: "I thought that at some point in the near future that the names would get more relevant. Nobody names their kids Innocent anymore. And I thought it'd be great if a pope chose Francis after the great saint."

Actually, it would be a fine thing if "Innocent" made a comeback. I would feel so much more comfortable if the CEO of a new, secure social network was called "Innocent," rather than "Larry" or "Mark."

Still, Connors' gamble rather paid off.

Oddly, though, unlike all those faithful who rushed to the fleshpot of GoDaddy in order to buy up any domain that was pope-related last week, Connors is not looking for even an ounce of flesh from the Church.

He's offering to put the domain on the pope's collection plate -- free of charge, of course.

Indeed, Chicago's Cardinal George has already deemed the gesture "delightful."

Connors admits that other people have already been in touch, brandishing 30 pieces of silver and more before his face.

Yet he insists that he wants to "give Pope Francis dibs first."

I wonder if some tasteful speculator has already bought popefrancis.xxx.