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Lavish geek toys: Underwater limos, sleep cocoons, and more

In the final installment of Crave's series on ultra-luxurious gear for geeks, we tour the far-out side of nerd chic.

When cruising grows dull, it's time to hop in this submersible limousine and see the other side of the water.
U-Boat Worx

We've all been there. You're cruising around the Sargasso Sea on your superyacht and all your guests are getting anxious. No, it's worse than that. They're flat-out bored. Maybe you should have dropped the extra couple million dollars on the optional air-conditioned underwater limo to take them on a tour of the sea floor.

Here at Crave, we've been working hard in recent weeks compiling our lists of super-opulent blinged-out tech, from supercars to bejeweled smartphones and home theaters fit for royalty.

I'm here to bat cleanup with a collection of the things we might have missed, or more likely, the ultra-decadent items that are so far out there they don't fit neatly into any of our categories. That said, lots of the things in our gallery below could arguably be fashioned into wristwatches (for the literally heavy-handed) or Apple accessories.

See if you can scroll through the below slideshow without all the pixels melting into a shade of green. And let us know in the comments what other luxurious items we've missed.