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Laugh at spills and sweat with this Silic stain-proof nanotech T-shirt

Silic is a concept T-shirt that promises to stay dry and repel water-based stains. It's raking in the funds on Kickstarter.

Silic shirt
Doused with soda? You'll stay dry in this Silic T-shirt. Kickstarter

Are you prone to spills? Maybe your kids tend to use your clothing as a canvas for abstract art. This T-shirt could help.

Silic is billed as "self-cleaning clothing with hydrophobic nanotechnology," and it's nearly tripled its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The polyester fabric is layered with billions of silica particles, preventing most liquid molecules from attaching to it, according to the developers.

Earlier this year, we saw how stain-repellant NeverWet can make liquids run right off your clothes and gear like so much proverbial water off a duck's back.

Silic creator Aamir Patel, a San Francisco student who successfully funded shirts that can be written on with light, holds a can of NeverWet in the promo vid and says it contains a chemical known to cause cancer and birth defects, referring to California warnings on the label. (Rust-Oleum, maker of NeverWet, counters that the product is safe.)

Patel says the Silic shirt doesn't pose such dangers, and resists everything from sodas to ketchup to soy sauce, and, of course, water and bacteria. This feature is said to last up to 80 wash cycles.

"You'll never worry about a sweat stain or dirty odors again," he says in the promo vid.

It's somehow satisfying to watch these liquids bounce off the garment in slow motion.

The Silic hydrophobic T-shirt is being offered in black or white for $40 and up on the Kickstarter campaign, which has nearly tripled its $20,000 goal.

Check out the mesmerizing video below of liquids bouncing off the shirt. Would you wear this thing?