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Latest watch phone gets clamshell design

Chinese manufacturers continue to forge ahead in nascent market.


Tag Heuer and other name brands may be taking their own sweet time in developing a watch phone, but others certainly aren't waiting around to see what they come up with. Unfortunately most of the models we've seen are of dubious origin and quality from generic Chinese manufacturers.

Worse yet, many of these items are of abominable design. The latest model, however, actually makes an effort to look like something that wouldn't be seen hanging in the checkout lane at Safeway. Despite its unfortunate name, the "Cool G108" is a clamshell-style watch phone with a circular keypad and a 1.5-inch LCD, according to SlashPhone.

The design allows for more features, including Bluetooth and a 1.3-megapixel camera, without a gigantic case required for other multimedia watches we've seen. In fact, we suspect that a TV remote can't be too far off.