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CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell demonstrates some tips and tricks for diving deeper into the digital music streaming site

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Digital music site is like Pandora on steroids. The site allows devoted music fans from around the world to compare tastes, stream music from their favorite artists, stay up to date on local shows, download free MP3s, and create their own custom radio stations.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.'s open API has given rise to hundreds of user-created applications, plug-ins, web tools, mash-ups and widgets. No other music site offers more tools or more features to help users connect with each other and the music they love.

Unfortunately, the deep features that makes so appealing to hardcore music nerds, can also make the site a little intimidating to first-timers and casual listeners. Like a freshman dance, folks will often just find one comfortable corner of and lose sight of everything else going on around them.

If you're interested in breaking out of your rut, I've put together a quick video guide and slideshow, illustrating some ways to take your experience further.

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