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Laser-guided tactical necktie ready for office wars

There's no reason a tie should just sit there looking sharp when it could be turned into the ultimate PowerPoint weapon.

Tactical Necktie
Perhaps one of the world's oddest neckties. ThinkGeek

No longer will neckties just sit passively around people's necks, showing their stripes, paisleys, and abstract Jerry Garcia-designed patterns to the world. They will rise up and take their rightful place next to the great implements of office warfare, like USB-powered foam missiles and passive-aggressive notes left on Tupperware in the break-room fridge. The Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie is one necktie to rule them all.

The tie looks like a tactical vest got together with Don Draper's favorite accessory. It's made from black nylon and has a D-ring, a small removable pouch with a buckle, a webbing system borrowed from the military, and a Class II laser pointer in a removable pouch. Office presentations may never be the same again.

The Tactical Necktie began life as a joke, but I dare you to laugh at it to its face now. It went from ThinkGeek April Fool's gag to $29.99 reality, just in time for Father's Day. Imagine giving this to your dad. You start by saying, "Happy Father's Day! I got you a necktie." Your dad would gamely hide his amused disappointment. Then, he would unwrap the package and realize how he could adorn himself on Monday with a necktie that would become the talk of the office.

A necktie such as this isn't content to dwell solely in the world of cubicles and copiers. Cat owners everywhere will recognize the utility of having one of the greatest cat-annoyance devices ever created always at the ready. And if you're more of a DIY type, then you could take this concept and run with it on your own. A 50-cent necktie from the thrift store, some duct tape, and a cheap laser pointer should get you started.