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Larry Page's festival of disses at Google I/O

The Google CEO tops off three hours of cool software presentations with his list of pet peeves.

Larry Page didn't offer "one more thing" but he did have plenty of bones to pick.
James Martin/CNET

Larry Page may have officially just assumed the title of bizarro Steve Jobs.

Page wrapped up the kick-off address at Google I/O Wednesday not with a slick sales pitch or "one more thing," but with some pretty inspiring talk about the role of technology in creating a better world, mixed with a laundry list of companies and institutions that make him sad.

Speaking softly due to a medical condition that Page revealed earlier has afflicted him for many years, the Google CEO ended the three-hour-plus keynote not quite with a bang, but with an unprecedented question-and-answer session punctuated with many a jab.

Here then, are the highlights of what might be Larry Page's first annual festival of disses:

On Microsoft adding GChat to its services but failing to make its own messenger service available in reverse:

You have to have interoperation, not just have one company milking off the rest... We have been struggling with people like Microsoft...We would like to see more open standards and more people getting behind things.

On the tech industry and the tech press:

Every story I read about Google is us versus some other company or some stupid thing... Being negative is not how we make progress.

On Robert Scoble's viral "Google Glass is water resistant" photo:

Robert, I really didn't appreciate the shower picture.

On facing Oracle in court:

Money is more important to them than collaboration.

On the law and technology:

[It] can't be right when it's 50 years old... Maybe more of us need to go into other areas and help those areas improve and understand technology. That's not happening at the rate it needs to happen.

On the health care status quo in the United States:

We had Google health but we didn't make much progress on it... We found all of the problems were regulatory.

On brevity: Obviously Page is no fan. Three and a half hours? Sheesh. But there I go being negative again.

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