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Larry David (as Bernie Sanders) steals SNL with email, website jokes

Technically Incorrect: In an impersonation that even Sanders himself seems to admire, the "Curb your Enthusiasm" star suggests Sanders isn't too au fait with tech. It's already gaining huge YouTube traction.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

'My website is a mess,' says actor Larry David as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Impersonations can often come across as impersonal.

Technically they might be sound, but emotionally they're not quite there.

This cannot be said of comedian Larry David's glorious turn as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on "Saturday Night Live."

The show opened with a mockery of the Democratic debate presented last week by CNN. While three other men stood around and failed to look important, or even present, David's version of Sanders and SNL stalwart Kate McKinnon's pulsating Democratic rival Hillary Clinton were themselves, and so much more.

The focus of David's glory wasn't just the arm-waving and the perfect Brooklyn accent. (It helps that he, like Sanders, is a Brooklyn boy from some time in the last century.)

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star was determined to suggest that Sanders and technology haven't quite bonded. Some might see this as often-used humor to suggest older people don't have quite the grasp of tech that younger ones do. In the mouth and arms of David, however, it had a certain aggressive energy about it.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton's email scandal, he wandered off on his own tangent: "What's the deal with emails anyway? I forgot my password the other day, so they say 'We'll email you a new one.' But I can't get into my email to get the password. I mean, talk about a ball-buster."

It's a dilemma for some, to be sure.

Then he went on to explain that he has only pair of underpants that he dries on the radiator. Which led him onto a perfect Sandersism. The senator from Vermont has a habit of mentioning his website during interviews. (He did it with Bill Maher on Friday night.)

So here we had: "Bernie Sanders dot com. Check it out. It's a mess."

This may not be factually true. A Web site optimization company, Soasta, claimed last Tuesday that BernieSanders.com is the second best performing Web site after that of Donald Trump.

Even Sanders professed a liking for David's shtick. The New York Times reported him as saying: "I think we're gonna put him up on the stage at our next rally -- let him do it, rather than me. He does it better than I do."

I fancy, therefore, that this isn't the last time we'll see David as Sanders. Which means it's unlikely to be the last time we'll hear jokes about Sanders and tech.