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Large-format 3D printer lets you print bigger

The Gigabot 3D printer lets you print in a 60-centimetre cube.


(Credit: re:3D)

The Gigabot 3D printer lets you print in a 60-centimetre cube.

3D printers are going gangbusters, but one thing that seems to be holding them back: consumer models have a pretty small build volume. Now, a new printer has come along that will let you build potentially more than twice as large as any consumer printer on the market.

The Gigabot 3D has a build volume of 60x60x60 centimetres (24x24x24 inches). By comparison, the MakerBot has a build volume of 28.5x15.3x15.5 centimetres (11.2 x 6.0 x 6.1 inches).

Other features, according to creator re:3D's Kickstarter page, include:

  • Rigid aluminium extrusion frame

  • 100-micron layer resolution capability

  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) using 1.75 or 3mm filament

  • Efficient footprint to build envelope ratio

  • Azteeg X3 Printer Controller

  • Open construction provides easy access to prints

  • Mechanics optimised for reliability

  • Utilises an open source software work flow

Most importantly, though, it looks as though it prints well.

There aren't many left. The US$2500 pricing tier has been all bought out, which means, at the time of writing, a Gigabot will set you back at least US$3500.

You can check it out in the video below, or head over to the Gigabot Kickstarter page for more info.