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Laptops you'll never see

CNET takes a look at laptop prototypes and mock-ups from CES 2007.

Some of the coolest products at CES are destined never to make it onto store shelves or into homes. They're prototypes and mock-ups, designed to test new features or solicit industry feedback.

Fujitsu had a series of mobile PC prototypes on the show floor, each highlighting some interesting technology that may eventually trickle into mainstream consumer products.

One prototype was called the Ultra Mobile 2007. It's about the size of Mac Mini and is a handheld touch screen UMPC. Fujitsu describes it as, "A futuristic interpretation of an ultraportable tablet PC, fully operable via touch screen, a stylus pen, and operation buttons. Like the Ultra Mobile 2005, this is designed to be almost the same size as a CD jacket."

A second item we saw was a folding UMPC with a full keyboard. It folds up into a small blue square, then you can flip up the screen and watch media files using a few media control buttons or flip the keyboard open for typing (as pictured).

Like flashy concept cars, these exact models will most likely never see the light of day, but the hope is that some features or design elements will make it into the next generation of mobile devices.