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Laptop gets a bicycle chain alarm

USB cable requires a key to be disconnected.


While others fret about people breaking into their digital equipment, we often have more immediate concerns. Maybe it's a comment on the Wi-Fi coffee shops we frequent, but we often find ourselves worrying about the computer being stolen altogether--and, in those cases, older tech might be more effective than the newer stuff.

Case in point: an alarm for your laptop. Belkin has developed a USB security device that works kind of like a bicycle chain with a built-in alarm. Basically, you secure the base to a desk or something else too large or heavy to be carried away without arousing suspicion, then connect the USB plug at the other end of the cable. If it's cut or disconnected without being unlocked first by the accompanying key, according to Everything USB, an alarm will sound. Or you can just lay off the quad soy lattes so you won't have to keep leaving your computer unattended.