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Laptop desk caters to lazy gamers

Large lap board can handle gaming gear for couch-bound play.


It may not fit the standard definition of ideal ergonomics in the HR handbook, but this looks like something that would fit right into our style of work. Especially for those times when the "Geek Cushion" results in the inevitable crick.

LapWorks' new lap board is aimed at gamers, but we see it as perfectly suitable for all manner of slothful computing. The "Gamers Desk" is designed to follow the migration of play from the desktop to the living room, with a 26.75-inch wide platform roomy enough for controllers, keyboards, mice, and other gaming gear.

There are scads of other laptop desks, of course, but this one tries to cater specifically to gamer needs, from its gun-metal design to ventilation slots to avoid overheating. And as Engadget suggests, its abundance of non-skid rubber pads would come in handy for the inevitable Red Bull spill.