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Lamborghini laptops rev up again

Asus comes out with new line but few details

If you're like most Crave readers, we assume that you want all the appropriate accoutrements for the Lamborghini resting comfortably in your garage. (That's what we tell our advertisers, anyway.) So we do our level best to keep you abreast of the latest technologies that bear the family name, such as the just-released "VX2" new generation of Asus laptops.

As the Gadgets Weblog points out, Asus has provided scant details in the specs department, so we don't know how much of an improvement the new version is over its maiden line. But let's face it: Computing performance takes a back seat (sorry) to style for most collectors of this luxury item.

Each laptop bears the traditional yellow and black Lamborghini colors, a metallic keyboard, leather palm-rest area and yellow stitching "just like that of a car interior," according to the legendary auto house. Even the computer's fan lid "adopts the wheel-rim concept." Let's hope the theme doesn't extend to the maintenance bills as well.