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Lady Gaga's flying dress looks like a giant drone

Lady Gaga achieves liftoff with the Volantis flying dress, a fashion contraption that won't fit through most doors.

Lady Gaga flying in Volantis dress
Next stop: space.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Lady Gaga may be set to go perform in space, but she's keeping busy with some flights closer to the ground as well. Her new Volantis flying dress is the latest in a stream of unusual outfits. Gaga demonstrated the fashionable flying machine at a recent event in Brooklyn, New York, where she promoted her new "ARTPOP" album and related pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Gaga showed up wearing a white flight suit that made it look like she was arriving for her first day at space camp. Naturally, she shed the bulky flight suit to reveal a more Gaga-esque skin-tight outfit for the Volantis dress test flight.

Assistants strapped Gaga into the six-rotor "dress-copter" and sent her hovering a few feet above the ground. She was wearing a helmet just in case the machine decided to run amok.

The dress appears to work on the same principle as RC-controlled multirotor drones, just on a larger scale. It was created by TechHaus, which is billed as the technical division of the Haus of Gaga.

Volantis obviously works as a hovering craft, but its practicality as a dress is in question. It's too big to wear any place except outside or in a large warehouse. She definitely won't be able to squeeze it into a seat at the Grammy awards.

The only thing that could make Volantis cooler would be to combine it with the Domino's Pizza drone so that Lady Gaga could descend into your front yard with a hot pizza delivery.

(Via Billboard)