Lady Gaga visiting FarmVille to debut songs

Lady Gaga creates a special farm called GagaVille where she will debut new songs, starting next week. We've come a long way since radio broke music.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

I have friends who play FarmVille. I find them very strange. They seem to believe there is some sort of joy to be obtained in caring about animals that don't exist. A little like Bigfoot-seekers.

However, Lady Gaga appears to understand them very well.

For, according to FarmVille maker Zynga, she has decided to create her own farm, creatively named GagaVille.

You might think that her Gaganess is merely having a little fun, communing with the virtual farming community to show her green credentials.

You might think Donald Trump's hair is made of gruyere. Because Gaga is reportedly using her new online Ville to release songs that you won't be able to hear anywhere else.

Whatever will she think of next? CC Domain Barnyard/Flickr

For you, should you be a FarmViller, will have to go to GagaVille between May 17 and 19 and compete for the privilege of listening to one exclusive, shiny new track every day from the Gaga stable.

Gaga's farm will not be like Maggie's. It will have unicorns, crystals, and the entirely predictable sheep on motorcycles: Baaarley-Davidsons, I'm told.

The whole promotion will only last until May 26, the release date of her "Born This Way" extravaganza.

Her Ladyship has turned going out to the people into an art form. Why, she even visited Google not so long ago and offered a little marketing advice.

She knows that FarmVille is not unlike the Googleplex, full of people who are baring virtual feelings in a virtual world. So who can be surprised that she is offering to go there first in order to debut something from her magic marketing kingdom?