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Lady Gaga-esque headphones shield your eyes, too

Designer Joe Doucet wants to make a statement with his OneSense headphones, but it's not about the punk-rock design.

Joe Doucet Studio

If Geordi La Forge were to go punk, we imagine he'd wear something like these OneSense headphones.

Designed by Joe Doucet, this work of art will be on display at a design exhibition in Milan soon and are meant to encourage users to focus on listening to music and not be distracted by the world around them.

According to Doucet, the cautionary red hue and intimidating spikes are meant to "alert others not to intrude, while covering the wearer's eyes reduces distractions. There's no word on the actual specifications of these headphones (we doubt they actually work), but we have to admire the idea behind this Lady Gaga-esque design.

Doucet acknowledges the overuse of tablets, smartphones, and computers in our day-to-day activity and wanted to create a pair of headphones that will force listeners to focus on just one thing.

While many would scoff at a pair of cans that effectively make you blind while listening to music, we don't think these are a bad idea at all. Now, if only there was a way to work a head massager in there, as well.

(Source: Crave Asia via The Verge)